Bitcoin Video Poker – Video poker gaming with Bitcoins

Bitcoin Video Poker – Video poker gaming with Bitcoins.


Minefield play for free or wager bitcoin


Minefield is a basic game that for as long as I can remember has been included in the free games that come with windows operating system. Well now you can play for bitcoin. You choose how many mines you want on the board. You can cash out after every correct safe pick or try to pick another spot without a mine hiding underneath it. If you choose to keep trying your bet multiplyer gets higher for every correct guess.

Lucky bitcoin casino

Slots, BlackJack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette

Bitcoin casino loaded with games to play. If online casinos are your thing then Lucky Bitcoin Casino might be the site you are looking for. They have a pyramid type referral program where you recieve 1.5% from direct referrals and 1% from second tier referrals. get paid bitcoin to watch youtube videos

Watch youtube videos and get paid. Its a good way to pass the time and earn a little bitcoin. Free daily bitcoins

Truly free bitcoins every day. All you do is enter your wallet address and bitcoins are sent to you. You can submit once a day. You also receive 20% of whatever your referrals earns.

Bitcoin Pyramid referral program

Join the Pyramid

If you want a referral program that can really pay off,  join the pyramid. For every person you refer, you make 50% of their deposits. You can also receive random payouts.

The larger the amount you invest into the pyramid increases your odds to receive random payouts.

Here are some of the rules

  1. Registration.
    1. Anybody can become a member for free by providing his/her permanent withdrawal address and captcha.
      1. Each member receives a referral link to attract newcomers.
      2. Each member receives a permanent address to deposit funds.
    2. If newcomer follows the referral link and gets registered within 30 days, then he/she becomes a referral of the link owner (and the link owner becomes a sponsor of newcomer).
    3. If newcomer didn’t register via referral link then he/she becomes a referral of a random member (see 2.3).
  2. Money distribution.
    1. Each member receives up to 50% of his/her referral’s income (but not more than s/he deposited + 0.01 btc at a time) and pays about 50% of his/her income to his/her sponsor and possibly random member(s). [3]
      1. Member’s income = member’s deposits + referral payments + random payments.
      2. Member’s expenditure = member’s withdrawals + withdrawal fees + sponsor payments + random payments.
      3. Member’s balance = member’s income – member’s expenditure.
    2. Withdrawals and all other outgoing payments are done automatically when member’s balance hits the threshold of 0.021 btc. Withdrawal fee is 0.001 btc per withdrawal.
    3. Each member’s chances to receive random payments or to become a random sponsor of newcomer depend on sum of his/her deposits. [1] Moreover each random payment’s size is limited by member’s deposits [2]. Thus if member doesn’t deposit anything, then he/she is unlikely to receive random payments or random referrals.
    4. Each member any time may deposit any amount to his permanent deposit address to increase his/her chances of being selected for random payments and to increase the amount of money can be received at a time.



Sealswithclubs bitcoin poker

Play poker with bitcoins. Site pro Micon “The Icon” plays here often.

Living in the U.S.A. we have been shut down as far as internet poker is concerned. I was very pleased to see a bitcoin poker site.

The site runs free tournaments every hour and if you win you receive 50 chips. The tables run from micro stakes to high roller. They also run a ton of promotions.

If you enjoy Hold em, Omaha or tournaments, then come join the community and play today. If you live in the states then I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Online Poker is here with bitcoin.

They offer a referral program in which you receive: ♣  20% of MGR (managed gross revenue) for life.

It only takes one good referral for the chips to start rolling in.

CoinURL advertise with bitcoin

CoinUrl is back under a new owner.

CoinUrl advertising service is back. Shorten links, advertise your website or earn bitcoins by placing ads on your website. They also offer a very nice referral program. I am a big fan of this site.

View websites get paid

Get paid bitcoin for surfing webpages. There is also a referral program in which you receive a portion of your referrals earnings. Also a great place to advertise.

Bitcoins for viewing websites

Earn bitcoin for viewing websites. They have a great referral program. You earn 30% of whatever your referral earns. There is also the option to purchase views for your website. Its a lot like Bitvisitor.